We work on both front-end and back-end technologies.

On the front-end, we've grown fond of jQuery for the speed with which we can enhance the user-experience after the main functionality of a site has been put in place. Remember that you should enhance with jQuery, and other JavaScript libraries, and not rely on it.. Our code is tested with the W3C validator for HTML and CSS compliance before being release and we test across the following browsers by default: Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE8, IE7 and FireFox. We can test on IE6, but we insist in developing in a forward direction where possible.

Recently, we've been working with HTML5 and CSS3 to build administration systems for customers who are using modern browsers, such as Firefox 13, Chrome 19 and Safari 5. This has given us a good opportunity to explore what's coming up in the next year as HTML gets more and more support in the main stream browsers (hopefully IE9/10 will support it out-of-the-box).

Please take a look at our Projects and Services and get in touch!