Development of a Compliance platform for sourcing Safety and Compliance Experts

Bespoke platform to find and engage safety and compliance experts, including Covid-19 Safety Experts, across the UK

Constructing an Industry-First, Compliance Expert Marketplace

  1. Data security is highly important for MCP, being a compliance platform, where customer reports and audits must remain private. The system protects online messaging and reports, communication and reviews as well as a complaint feedback process.

  2. MCP's job posting wizard qualifies the size of the job, risks and types of skills needed. The best matching experts are notified and engage with the business or council through the online platform's messaging and job details pages where final reports are approved and uploaded for review.

  3. Experts are categorised by sector, skill, certification and location. Search supports the distance the experts are willing to travel to the jobs and automatically calculates the estimated costs, factoring in travel distances, so the business can make an appropriate choice.

  4. The platform supports a bespoke auditing platform to be used on mobiles on-site when experts are inspecting venues. The flow collects images, contraventions, notes and severities and generates reports automatically on completion to present to the business owners.

  5. Certain parts of the platform have to work when there's no internet connection, and then resync with the server when the connection is re-established, creating some unique challenges in the system construction and data validation.

  6. Reports generated in the system are often needed by councils and other bodies to verify that work was carried out. The platform generates one-time usage links to be shared with these bodies for such cases, limiting data exposure.


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