Development of a Digital Language Resource for Primary and Secondary Schools

Bespoke platform to create, manage and deliver fun and educational language games for in-school learning.

Constructing a Learning Platform for Schools

  1. The gaming platform requires user details and creates a family and school score board. Special attention was paid to minimising the collection and retention of only the most relevant data for the features available.

  2. Games are displayed in two languages; the known language and the language to be learned. Menus, instructions and helper text are also translated. The platform manages languages and translations throughout.

  3. We worked with experienced teachers and their students and game designers to deliver intuitive and simple interfaces for efficient platform administration and engaging game experiences.

  4. Automatic content, resource and API caching was used to ensure servers remained responsive under high international load. All resources were served through international CDNs.

  5. The platform continued to deliver well as the company expanded nationally and internationally, eventually being expanded upon until the owners exited. The company is still going strongly today.


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